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CITY PUBLIC SCHOOL has been founded to impart high quality education in the city of ASHOKNAGAR (M.P.)

It is a progressive school of 21st century, distinction and diversity are twin hallmark of its philosophy, Educational leadership and SCHOLARLY achievements are its mission as the name signifies. It is an English medium co-educational institution, The course of the school is strictly in accordance with the C.B.S.E. New Delhi. Having classes from 1st to 10th class.

Our philosophy is LEARNING BY DOING. Its structured curriculum, colourful fun rooms and well trained staff allow the children to explore and learn by playing and doing.

Its believed that children are flowers and they need to be cultivated watered and cared for. All this is done collectively by the parents, teachers and school environment.

CITY PUBLIC SCHOOL aims at development of latent potential, of boys and girls in order to equip them to face the challenges of life with moral intellectual and spiritual power. Teachers and the environment of the institution will provide an Ideal stepping stone to the students to become responsible citizens of the secular India. High level of motivation by personal example of the instructional staff coupled with modern teaching method and aids will imbibe Ideal code of conduct, mannerism and humane approach to solve routine problems being faced by the individual in particular and the society in general.

The Integration of academic excellence and professional learning is one of the unique strength of the CITY PUBLIC SCHOOL.

Realizing the need for a school of such excellence class standard for young citizen in and around ASHOKNAGAR city, well established professionally managed SHRI SHANTI VIDYA SEWA SAMITI, opens CITY PUBLIC SCHOOL which is an English medium, Co-educational school from 1st to 10th class.

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